Inspecting your roof or siding for storm damage before replacing it could potentially save you thousands of dollars. If an inspector finds storm damage that has occurred within the last year or two, you could potentially file a claim with your insurance company. A few minutes of time to have your property inspected could be worth thousands to you in replacement costs. All you would be responsible to pay is your insurance deductible.

If you’re simply curious about the extent of any damage to your home, but you’re not ready to contact your insurance company just yet, American Reconstruction and our professionals will conduct an inspection for you. Our trained experts can provide good advice as to the extent of your damage. We do this at no cost to you.

What are some of the determining factors regarding approval of your insurance claim? Damage to your roof is typically determined by the number of hail hits in a 10’x10’ area of your roof. The more hits that are recorded, the better your chances are of having your insurance company approve your roof replacement claim.

Siding replacement is determined by other factors that include if a match for your siding is still on the market. If it’s not, even a small amount of damage could potentially be covered by insurance. In other cases, the insurance company may only approve the replacement of broken or damaged siding pieces.

With potential storm damage, it’s good to be informed about your options. We’d love to talk with you more about how American Reconstruction can help. And if we don’t suggest filing a claim we’d still live to give you a professional proposal to replace your roof or siding.

Please contact American Reconstruction today to learn more.