A properly trained, insured, and licensed exterior restoration company is a must for your commercial property or home restoration.

There are a whole host of issues that can arise if you hire someone who doesn’t have the right paperwork and training behind them. Some of the most important liabilities to be aware of include:

Lack of Insurance – You’re liable if an unlicensed contractor is injured on your commercial or private property. Their injury is now your problem.

You are also responsible if they hurt someone else or cause damage to your property.

Training – Hiring a contractor without proper licenses, probably means they are not qualified to do the work. The state requires testing and continuing education to maintain contractor licenses.

Building Codes – Contractors without the proper paperwork may not know the most up-to-date building codes. This may become a big issue when you try to sell you commercial or private property.

Why Should You Hire American Reconstruction as Your Licensed Contractor?

  • We treat our clients and their property with care and respect
  • American Reconstruction is dedicated to professionalism and workmanship
  • Our pricing is fair and competitive
  • We do not compromise on the quality of products we use
  • American Reconstruction completes jobs on-time and on-budget
  • Exceptional communication and project management are the secrets to a successful project

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