It hails an average of 15 times a year in Minnesota. If you’re lucky, your home or business may not lie in a storm’s path. However, the chances of one or the other being affected by hail at some point is high. It’s always a good idea to have your roof inspected after a hail event. One proactive call could be the difference between a timely fix and having a leaking roof in the future

Why Should You Take the Time to Call a Professional?

The best reason to call for your free consultation is we see what you don’t regarding roof damage. Our roofing professionals look the many signs of damage, but some of the most common include;

  1. Missing roof granules
  2. Shiny and exposed asphalt
  3. Cracked or split shingles
  4. Any bent gutters
  5. Dents or dings in your shingles
  6. And much, much more.

The most common hail damage is denting or cracking of asphalt shingles. These dents may be small and aren’t always obvious to the common eye. The depth of the dents and frequency of them will determine if your roof needs to be replaced.

What Happens If No Damage Is Found?

There are times when the damage to your roof is not great enough to warrant an insurance claim. As with all of our inspections, we provide a detailed report of our findings. You then have the option to sign up for our no cost storm damage monitoring program. We consistently monitor the storms moving through our local area. When we see that one of our storm damage monitoring properties falls in an area that has recently experienced a storm event, we will come back to do another inspection of your property. Again, this is at no cost to you. Because we’ve already inspected your building before, we have a good baseline to reference for new damage.

To schedule your free inspection or to learn more about our storm damage monitoring program, please contact us today.