The professionals at American Reconstruction have been in the restoration industry for many years. As property managers, restoration specialists, and owners we truly understand the process that goes with restoring your home, commercial or industrial building.

It is this knowledge base that sets us apart from our competitors. Learn more about our team here. Our broad background, at nearly every turn in the restoration process, that helps us know how to communicate well with homeowners and property owners.

With that, the three “pillars” we truly believe separate us from other contractors are noted below.

Community Project Blogs

To make sure everyone is in-the-know regarding a large reconstruction project, we provide a community project blog on each of our projects. We have found this to be extremely helpful for board members and community managers. Questions about the timeline are answered before community members come to those typically in-the-know.


  • Everyone understands the process and knows the timeline.
  • Ensures transparency.
  • Establishes trust.
  • Keeps everyone on track.
  • Easy to access.
  • Updated daily.

Storm Damage Monitoring Services

We provide a storm damage monitoring service that will not only monitor when a massive storm may be approaching your home, but will also be your one-stop shop to fix whatever part of your home that may have been damaged due to the storm.


Step 1 – You schedule a time for American Reconstruction to physically inspect your property.

Step 2 – From our inspection, a baseline is established regarding the current condition of your property.

Step 3 – If storm damage exists we learn what your insurance deductible is and create a detailed report which lists the reasons why we do or do not suggest filing an insurance claim.

Step 4 – Your property is added to our Monitoring Program. This means we stay current with any storm or weather conditions in your area that may adversely affect your property. If such an event occurs, we quickly arrive onsite to inspect your property for damage.

24/7 Emergency Response Program

We have an emergency response team active 24/7 in case something happens to your home whether that is early in the morning, during the day, or middle of the night. Our flexible restoration crews will work with you to first triage your buildings to ensure no further damage occurs. Once your building is secure, we will create a plan for repairs. Because we are a one-stop place for storm damage repair, we make the job of a property manager or building owner easier than if you tried to coordinate multiple contractors to fix multiple types of damage.

Please contact American Reconstruction today to learn more!