In the construction and restoration business, it is not guaranteed that a project manager will be onsite each day. Many times, the manager will send a crew out to the job site to work for the day without a project manager present and this can result in communication issues. At American Reconstruction, we choose to have a project manager onsite daily. Here is why.

1.) Good Communication between the Property Managers and Building Owners

When it comes to commercial buildings, there are several key people who all need to know the most recent updates on a project. The property manager, building owner, and restoration project manager all need to communicate effectively to ensure the project’s successful completion. With that, communication sometimes can get off track if the reconstruction crew is left without a manager.

2.) Being Available to Talk to a Homeowner if they Have a Question

When a contractor sends out a crew to work on, for example, the roof of a home, the crew is there to complete the job and may not be available to answer questions from the home or building owner. The crew is focused on completing the job they were sent to do. Additionally, the crew members may not know the answer to a specific question the owner may have. Having a project manager present is useful to facilitate excellent communication between the crew and the property owner.

The Bottom Line:

Communication is key to having a successful business. One of the most common complaints people have with contractors is lack of communication about their project. At American Reconstruction we take pride in our customer service. A large part of this is how we communicate with owners. We have project managers onsite everyday to ensure we provide the highest level of customer service possible.