What Should You Do After the Storm?

A sudden and damaging storm can be a terrifying experience. Finding your home with a damaged roof, broken windows, or missing siding is distressing at best.

What should you do if your home falls in the path of a destructive storm?

  1. Make sure you and your family are safe.
  2. Is your home structurally sound?
  3. Call your insurance agency.
  4. Contact a 24/7 storm damage mitigation company.

American Reconstruction’s phone number needs to be on a list of handy numbers for any homeowners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. As one of the first calls you need to make after a major storm event, our services will be one of the most appreciated.

Our 24/7 storm damage unit can arrive onsite within a few hours and get to work doing triage to make your home water and weatherproof until a permanent fix can be completed.

We can board up windows and roofs to ensure further interior damage from water is mitigated and your home is safe for a short time.

Put our number in your phone for the future. You’ll be happy you did.