What happens if your neighbor(s) gets their roof replaced after a hail or wind storm, but your claim gets denied? It does happen more frequently than you might imagine. There are many factors that contribute to the approval or denial of a storm damage claim. Those things can include:

  • Your insurance company. Not all insurance companies are created equally. Some are more critical of reported storm damage than others.
  • The extent of the damage. In roof replacement, the number of hail hits in a 10”x10” square will determine if your roof is eligible for replacement.
  • Was your home in the direct path of the storm or shielded by a neighbor’s home or foliage?

If your neighborhood was hit by a storm and all the homes around you are getting a new roof, it’s a safe bet you too have damage. How could a storm literally damage the homes that circle you, but miss your home?

Should you find yourself in the position of having a denied insurance claim, we’d like to help. We’ve worked with many homeowners and business owners to go through the appraisal process.

If you’d like to learn more about the appraisal process and how American Reconstruction can help, contact us today.