May is typically a “big storm” month in the upper Midwest. If one rolls through your neighborhood this summer, it will be obvious to see if a tree falls on your roof, but what if a hail event goes through and you’re on vacation. It’s not going to be a simple task to climb up on your roof and check things out. It’s best to leave that job to us!

1.) Not all Roof Damage is Clearly Visible

After a massive storm rolls through, a lot of people tend to want to look at their roofs themselves to see if there is any damage and decided whether they need to call someone to have it fixed or not. However, the problem with inspecting your roofs instead of a professional is that sometimes there is damage that just cannot be detected without a professional examination. A professional roofing contractor can find hidden forms of damage that are not immediately apparent.

2.) New Roofs are Still Susceptible to Damage

If you have recently repaired or replaced your roofing installation, you may think that your rooftop is not as vulnerable to the damaging effects of storms as opposed to an older and unmaintained roof. However, a roof can be damaged in a storm at any age, high winds, falling branches, and hailstorms can all cause significant damage to your roofing materials. Taking the time to have your roof inspected after a massive storm will help you get a head start on the repair process regardless of it being new or old.

With these talking points in mind it starts to raise the question, are you prepared if a major storm damage event should occur on your property?

Partnering with a professional storm damage restoration company long before you need service will make the road to recovery a smooth process. It will also give you nice peace of mind as you tell all those storm chasers to “hit the road” because you’ve pre-planned with American Reconstruction.

American Reconstruction’s Storm Monitoring Service – Our Process 

Step 1 – You schedule a time for American Reconstruction to physically inspect your property.

Step 2 – From our inspection, a baseline is established regarding the current condition of your property.

Step 3 – If storm damage exists we learn what your insurance deductible is and create a detailed report which lists the reasons why we do or do not suggest filing an insurance claim.

Step 4 – Your property is added to our Monitoring Program. This means we stay current with any storm or weather conditions in your area that may adversely affect your property. If such an event occurs, we quickly arrive onsite to inspect your property for damage.

Please contact American Reconstruction today to schedule a free, no cost, no hassle, storm damage inspection of your property.