It is always important to have storm damage to your home or business inspected, no matter how small you perceive it to be. First off, damage is damage no matter what the size. Even a small piece of cracked siding or fracture to a shingle on your roof can lead to larger problems over time. The second reason to have storm damage inspected is to make sure you submit an insurance claim in a timely way.

If you do notice damage, it is important to have your house inspected to see if there is enough damage to file a claim. American Reconstruction’s professionals are well-versed in storm damage. We can help you determine if the extent of your damage warrants a call to your insurance company. It’s very important to report storm damage to insurance because there is a time limit within which you can get reimbursement for the damages. (Check with your insurance company to determine the timeline of your policy but most policies have a one or two year time limit from the date of loss or they can deny coverage.

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